Black Button Podcast Episode 3 – Holidays 2018

This is a branded Food About Town podcast produced by Chris Lindstrom and recorded at the Food About Town Studio.

This is the third episode of the Black Button Distilling Podcast! Owner Jason Barrett came over to the Food About Town Studio to talk about the current state of Black Button and the holiday season.

It has been a while since we recorded an episode of the Black Button Podcast so we started off with an update on their current offerings and the the tasting rooms. We followed up with a discussion on holiday themed drinks and different ways to use Black Button spirits in cooking. I really enjoyed the conversation on the myriad uses throughout the holiday season.


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We finished off with an update on the Black Button farm and how that process has gone so far. The ambitious project hasn’t gone quite as expected but hearing about the progress that has been made and the lessons learned made me excited to keep my eye on it moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about Black Button, take a tour or just do a sampling check them out at one of their tasting rooms. Black Button is located at 85 Railroad Street in Rochester near the Public Market and 149 Swan St in Buffalo for all your local spirit and cocktail needs!

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