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Black Button Podcast Episode 3 – Holidays 2018

This is a branded Food About Town podcast produced by Chris Lindstrom and recorded at the Food About Town Studio. This is the third episode of the Black Button Distilling Podcast! Owner Jason Barrett came over to the Food About Town Studio to talk about the current state of Black...


F.A.T. Podcast Episode 70 – Fisher Hill Farm

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I spent some quality time with Phil Munson from Fisher Hill Farm talking about his life working on the farm. If you haven’t signed up for a CSA yet, you can still do so by visiting Fisher Hill at either the...


Public Market Rundown 04-25-15

I’m an avid attendee of both the Brighton Farmer’s Market and Rochester Public Market and, now that the weather is starting to break, people are starting to head out in droves to check out the first produce of the spring. As new fruits and veggies pop this year I’m going...