The goal of Food About Town is to highlight local food (primarily in the Rochester, NY area) and the people that make it possible. I strongly believe that food makes up a big part of the fabric of every town and it deserves to be focused on. My mission is to provide high quality long form reviews for restaurants that are fair without pulling punches and get the perspective of stake holders in the food world from chefs to restaurant owners. Home cooking experiments will be mixed in with random other food content to flesh out the rest of the posts and in the future I hope to get some of my friends to post from the Rochester area and elsewhere around the country.

I should clarify that I will be reviewing most restaurants after a single visit and not with multiple visits like the traditional restaurant reviewer. Currently I don’t have the time to hit most spots (especially sit down joints) more than once while working full time and trying to live a semi normal life.

I appreciate you visiting Food About Town and I hope you enjoy the reviews, interviews and the other items that come together over time.



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  • Hope you come and visit our Food Truck, Chowder UP Seafood! Would love for you to give our sensational chowders and steamed seafood menu a try!
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  • Morning Chris!

    This may be a little outside of the norm for you. Some local farmers are growing a unique variety of sweet corn and we would love local foodies to try it out and report back to us with any thoughts. Please let me know if you are interested, we would have corn available next week!

    We’d like to send you a free sample of Mr. Mini Mirai corn raised by one of our trusted Western New York growers. Here’s why we think you’ll like it:
    •Mr. Mini Mirai is a true leader for sweetness, texture and overall eating quality. On the brix scale (the system for measuring sugars in produce), it scores a 17, which is superior for sweet corn. In fact, that’s watermelon-level sweetness!
    •We call Mr. Mini Mirai the “gourmet restaurant” corn. At only 5.5″ long, it neatly fits on the plate for classy presentation. However, kernels are tender and exceptionally deep, so the smaller cob offers as much corn as traditional varieties.
    •Mr. Mini Mirai’s wonderful sweet flavor will last for at least a week. In fact, last season our breeder stored Mr. Mini Mirai for a week in his cooler in Illinois, then shipped it to a cottage in Indiana for a weekend party. The taste testers reported that it was the very best sweet corn they had ever tasted.

    Thank you!


  • Dude, this is just a great concept for a blog. Just added to my Feedly ROC feeds and looking forward to more!

  • […] Since I started blogging I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people. Food enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to cooking, baking, reviewing, blogging about, and eating good food. By happenstance I stumbled upon an amazing individual who shares these qualities and many more. His name is  Chris Lindstrom and he is the writer of the Rochester based food blog Food About Town. […]

  • Hi there,

    I am a local nonprofit professional and we have a BIG food themed event coming up: the 15th Annual Recipe for a C.U.R.E. Sunday Brunch. I wasn’t sure if you would be interested in chatting about the event on your show. The event is Sunday, September 17th and features talented chefs from all around the area that are a part of the American Culinary Federation.