The goal of Food About Town is to highlight local food (primarily in the Rochester, NY area) and the people that make it possible. I strongly believe that food makes up a big part of the fabric of every town and it deserves to be focused on. My mission is to provide high quality long form reviews for restaurants that are fair without pulling punches and get the perspective of stake holders in the food world from chefs to restaurant owners. Home cooking experiments will be mixed in with random other food content to flesh out the rest of the posts and in the future I hope to get some of my friends to post from the Rochester area and elsewhere around the country.

I should clarify that I will be reviewing most restaurants after a single visit and not with multiple visits like the traditional restaurant reviewer. Currently I don’t have the time to hit most spots (especially sit down joints) more than once while working full time and trying to live a semi normal life.

I appreciate you visiting Food About Town and I hope you enjoy the reviews, interviews and the other items that come together over time.