12 Mar 2014

10 Places to Eat in Rochester – Buffalo Eats Guest Post

This was originally posted as a guest post on Buffalo Eats on March 7 as a primer to some of the places I like in Rochester. Donnie will be returning the favor and bringing us some of his favorite Buffalo stops in the next week or two, so stay tuned for that! ——————————————– I consider […]
23 Feb 2014

Chinese Hometown Restaurant

Chinese food is something that has been accepted among the masses, but what the vast majority of people are familiar with reflects a cuisine that has been far removed from its roots. Just like food in the South has a different character from the food that comes out of New England or the Pacific Northwest, […]
6 Feb 2014

F.A.T. Episode 10 – Hart’s Local Grocers

On Episode 10 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked to Dean Sparks and Andrew Lederman from the upcoming Hart’s Local Grocers in the East End. We recorded in a boardroom so the levels aren’t quite optimal, but everyone should come in relatively clearly. I really enjoyed talking to the guys and I’m looking […]
22 Jan 2014

Skylark Lounge

Meatballs have found a new life in the last few years as a comfort food that could be “elevated” and in some larger cities there are full restaurants that focus exclusively on the meatball arts. Here in Rochester, Jesse Hanus recently wrote a meatball Round Up for the City Newspaper that highlighted six places that […]
11 Jan 2014

F.A.T. Episode 9 – Cipolla Romaine

On Episode 9 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked in my living room with Dave Potwin and Joe Cipolla from Cipolla Romaine. This was the first podcast recorded at my place so if Dave and Joe are a little on the quiet side, I apologize. I’m working on a better way to record […]
30 Dec 2013

Fiamma Pizza e Vino

The hunt for great pizza has become a borderline obsession for me over the last few years. This has driven me to learn about the art of pizza making and grow my appreciation for the different versions that exist across the country. Most people stick with whatever is the prevalent variety of their area from […]
21 Dec 2013

Black Button Opening

Despite the rainy weather on Saturday morning, Carrie and I stopped in for opening day of the Black Button Distillery to see what Jason Barrett had created. We were excited to see the new tasting room space and the reception of the public. When we arrived around 9:30 in the morning, there were some decent […]
5 Dec 2013

Banzai Sushi – Brunch

After a bunch of busy weekends in a row including travel to Canada twice for some curling tournaments and then working the opening weekend of Christmas trees at my parent’s business back in Buffalo, Carrie and I were ready to relax a little bit and get out of the house for brunch. We aren’t regulars […]
24 Nov 2013

Seattle Trip Recap Part 2

The first part of our trip found us in the area above Olympic National Park including some quality time with the quaint seaside Port Townsend, but our food exploration really kicked into high gear after we took the ferry back to Seattle. I’m going to break this up into a couple of longer in depth […]
15 Nov 2013

Rosie’s Hot Buns Meets Marty’s Meats

Most of you probably know that Rosie’s Hot Buns has been closed the last few months while doing some renovations to the kitchen and, it turns out, the kitchen staff as well. I stopped in earlier this week after finding out they were open through their social media presence to grab dinner and had a […]