22 Jul 2014

Portland, ME – Duckfat, Coffee and Liquor

The Boston, Mass area has been a frequent target of our weekend driving trips over the last few years. Just inside the outer limits of comfortable after work driving range and a comfortable but interesting metro area to explore. Not to mention that the food scene is fantastic and it definitely doesn’t hurt that I […]
15 Jul 2014

Spring Cleaning – Samba Cafe

Restaurant review spring cleaning! Since starting the blog last year, I have ended up eating and taking pictures at a lot of places I haven’t gotten around to writing about. For someone who wants to tackle everything and go more in depth with the reviews, this has been one of the difficult aspects about being a part […]
1 Jul 2014

Food Truck Rodeo 2014-06-25

In the midst of a day filled with rain, fog and ultra humidity, the June Food Truck Rodeo came to the Public Market and so did plenty of people ready to eat. Crowds were a bit small to start with the on and off rain we got during the day, but by the time I […]
12 Jun 2014

Peppa Pot

As I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into my journey into exploring the Rochester food scene, I have become familiar and enthusiastic about a few cuisines that I didn’t know much about beforehand. I’ve become a fan of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jamaican, and Korean foods among others and have made an effort to travel to the […]
11 Jun 2014

City Newspaper Review – Sultan Lebanese

I’m excited to say that, as of today, I am now a published restaurant reviewer! My review of Sultan Lebanese Cuisine & Bakery showed up in the June 11 edition of the Rochester City Newspaper and also on the the City paper website. Since this is my first time in the paper, I wanted to thank […]
29 May 2014

Food Truck Rodeo 2014-05-28

Based on what I saw last night, the Food Truck Rodeo season has officially started in earnest. Sure we had one last month and a supporting event at the Genesee Brew House, but the lines that we experienced at the Public Market were as long as I’ve ever seen and the parking lots were completely […]
28 May 2014

New Opening – Sabra Grill

The opening of Sabra Grill popped on my radar early last week (on Twitter I think) and I made the trip over to the 12 Corners area after work to see what the deal was. I was excited to see that it was a certified Kosher Israeli restaurant since I can’t think of any other […]
5 May 2014

Market Spotlight – Flowers Farm

Now that we have finally gotten out of Rochester’s endless winter, green is starting to be the dominant color of our landscape instead of white and gray. The fresh product is just starting to trickle in to the Rochester Public Market and, as usual, the first player on the scene is the small stand from […]
1 May 2014

Food Truck Rodeo 2014-04-30

On the day of the first rodeo of 2014 rain was the name of the game and was really the defining characteristic of the event. Crowds were a bit on the light side due to the weather issues, but it was good to see a few new trucks on the scene and a lot of […]
28 Apr 2014

F.A.T. Episode 11 – Chicken Wing Lovers

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Josh Jensen from the Chicken Wings Lovers Facebook page and I dove into the deep end of wings. We sat down in my living room studio (kitchen table + Yeti microphone!) and chatted about his love of wings, travel for food and what direction he’s taking […]