10 Nov 2014

F.A.T. Episode 15 – Aunt Rosie’s

I was really excited to have Chef Paul Vroman from Aunt Rosie’s as my guest on this episode of the Food About Town podcast. Paul was one of the first people to give me positive feedback about doing this whole writing thing and I’ve been following him since his days at the Brick-N-Motor food truck. […]
10 Nov 2014

City Newspaper Review – Aunt Rosie’s

Although a little bit late to the blog side of things, my review of Aunt Rosie’s for the City Newspaper was my favorite restaurant review I’ve done so far on the paper side of things. I found it challenging to work on a review of a place I knew well already and to balance my […]
13 Oct 2014

F.A.T. Podcast Episode 14 – Havana Cabana

On this episode of the podcast I interviewed Trey Yager from Havana Cabana as a follow up to my recent review in the City Newspaper. City Newspaper Review I had briefly talked to Trey after our second visit to the restaurant before the review came out but this was my first in depth discussion with […]
9 Oct 2014

Branca with the Rochester Pizza Guy

I made my first visit to Branca on a crowded preview night right before they opened to the public. We sat at the bar and were a bit underwhelmed with the pizza but there were definitely aspects to it that made me interested to see how it would progress over time. I waited about a […]
16 Sep 2014

F.A.T. Episode 13 – Ben Woelk from Slow Road

On this very special episode of the Food About Town podcast, Ben Woelk and I spent some time talking about his new venture with the Niagara Wine Trail Winery Trains. Ben and I have been talking about this for a while now and I’m truly excited that this big idea is coming to fruition. The […]
15 Sep 2014

New Opening – Cipolla Romaine Kitchen

I spent some time hanging out with Joseph Cipolla and David Romaine of Cipolla Romaine late last week and I’m excited to bring some news about a new venture that they are working on. Opening in early November, Cipolla Romaine Kitchen will be located in the former Flour City Pasta location in Pittsford and will […]
11 Sep 2014

City Newspaper Review – Havana Cabana

Another Rochester City Newspaper review in and out on the newsstands! This edition covered my visits to Havana Cabana on Alexander Street. This wasn’t a particularly positive review, but I think it fairly covered the food and drinks we ended up having during our visits. I did get some comments on the City Newspaper website […]
27 Aug 2014

F.A.T. Episode 12 – Avvino

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Tim Caschette and I sat down at Avvino restaurant in Brighton for a follow up after my recent City Newspaper review. Tim was a pleasure to hang out with and the food at Avvino was well worth revisiting. We also covered a wide range of food topics […]
14 Aug 2014

New Opening – Branca

The team from The Revelry, one of the hottest new restaurants in Rochester, has been working on a couple of new projects either open or opening in the very near future. The newly renamed Buffalo Proper (prior name Blood & Sand) will be officially opening their doors to the public on Friday 8/15 with Jon Karel […]
6 Aug 2014

City Newspaper Review – Avvino

Another Rochester City Newspaper review in and out on the newsstands! This time I made a couple visits to Avvino in Brighton and ended up really enjoying our meals and the service. I think the review turned out nicely with the wife doing some extra editing before it got published. Good feel and flow to […]