F.A.T. Episode 11 – Chicken Wing Lovers

CWL Wing Heart

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Josh Jensen from the Chicken Wings Lovers Facebook page and I dove into the deep end of wings. We sat down in my living room studio (kitchen table + Yeti microphone!) and chatted about his love of wings, travel for food and what direction he’s taking his web presence to. Loved to hear about what he enjoys in a wing and gabbed about some of our favorite wing places in Rochester and Buffalo.


CWL Bumper

I’m happy that they’re working toward their own website and looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Josh and his unnamed partner have a cool concept going on here and it should be a big success in Rochester and around the country.

Keep tuned in for more podcasts coming in the next few weeks. Working on some interesting guests and hopefully they end up panning out!

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