F.A.T. Episode 3 – Itacate Interview

Itacate FrontItacate Dining Area

For Episode 3 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked with Jose Abarca of Itacate restaurants in Penfield and Gates about his restaurants and his background. Authentic Mexican food was one of the main topics and we delved into a few other topics as well. Not the longest talk but I’m glad I had a chance to learn more about Jose and Itacate. He was great to talk to, passionate about his food and I would highly recommend going out to either location to check out their cuisine in action!

This will be the last episode that was recorded on my iPhone and I recorded a quick intro and added some music to make the whole experience a little more professional. Feel free to chime in if you have any comments!


The next episode will most likely be a conversation with Marty O’Sullivan of the Marty’s Meats food truck and should be up next week.

Thanks everyone!

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