F.A.T. Episode 6 – Moonlight Creamery

Moonlight Cases

For Episode 6 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked to Heidi Grenek from Moonlight Creamery in Fairport, NY and got to talk to one of their employees about an event they were preparing for. We discussed the start of their business and how they feel they are part of the community with charity work and not only employing young people but working on developing them as well. A couple events were discussed including a brief talk with one of the graduating seniors who were preparing to run an event that week. Unfortunately that event has already occurred but it was an interesting idea and the girls there seemed really excited about it.

We did have a bit of noise added to the podcast with the cooler compressors kicking in so I apologize about some of the sections.

Heidi was a lot of fun to talk to and you should go try their ice cream and enjoy a walk along the canal before the weather turns again!

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