Misen Chef Knife Unboxing

A few months back, Kenji Lopez-Alt from Serious Eats posted about the Kickstarter for a new knife that he was giving some high praise for. The company was called Misen and their goal was to produce a high end everyday chef knife for a reasonable price. As many companies do, they turned to Kickstarter to fund the setup and initial run of parts and I was happy to jump in on that you get a discounted price.

The development took a fair amount of time but, to the Misen team’s credit, they provided frequent and detailed updates to keep the backers informed about the progress and any issues that popped up. What struck me was the attention to detail on the design of the knife and that extended to the packaging as well.

I was so impressed by the sharp and functional packaging that I took a video of the unboxing of the knife. The amount of information provided without becoming cluttered showed a respect toward balance.

That balance also showed up when I started using the knife. Easy and secure to hold in the hand and plenty sharp right out of the box. I’ve enjoyed using it so far for vegetable slicing, dicing garlic and chopping onions. Mostly veggie work since I’ve been cooking vegetarian at home recently. I’m looking forward to seeing how it keeps its edge over time as I intend on using it a fair bit.

Thanks again to Kenji for the great recommendation and to the Misen team for executing on a high quality product!

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