Portland, ME – Duckfat, Coffee and Liquor

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  1. ROCPizzaGuy says:

    Great review, but when I see fry reviews, I can’t help thinking that hardly anybody matches up to McDonald’s. I see that browning and I think that they don’t look quite as crisp as I’d like, or that they look a tad overdone. It’s probably just me. But what can I say? It’s me. In my defense, I’ll say that I’ve had fries in Paris and Brussels, and the fries there weren’t browned. But they were great. Maybe my emotional memories, or years of consuming fat, are clouding my judgment. But I enjoyed the review nonetheless.

    • I think that the lack of crisp can be the case when they’re not cooked in this particular style. Regardless of crispness, I do prefer the dark flavor of the double cooked fry of this style. Of course I love some traditional McDonalds like fries too but not my favorite. To each their own!

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