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Phrankly Focus – Ugly Duck 

This is the first post in a series called Phrankly Focus. Phrankly is the best way to find where your favorite local businesses source their ingredients from and where you can find specialty products you love. I’m working with Phrankly to highlight some of the spots that take their sourcing...


Ugly Duck Coffee Preview

Today I’m pleased to bring a preview post of Rochester’s newest specialty coffee shop, Ugly Duck Coffee! For those that haven’t found their way to Ugly Duck yet, Rory van Grol is a veteran barista who has been running his own pop up espresso based shop around the city since...


Portland, ME – Duckfat, Coffee and Liquor

The Boston, Mass area has been a frequent target of our weekend driving trips over the last few years. Just inside the outer limits of comfortable after work driving range and a comfortable but interesting metro area to explore. Not to mention that the food scene is fantastic and it...