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F.A.T. Podcast Episode 104 – F.A.T. Singles – Boston

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, the renamed F.A.T. Singles is back with a mini podcast recorded with my friend Bryan Chue in Boston, MA after a whirlwind weekend of food exploration. If you want to visit Boston and need food and drink advice, reach out to...


F.A.T. Episode 35 – Fee Brothers

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I sat down in the studio with Luc Thiers who is a Brand Ambassador for Fee Brothers. Fee Brothers is a local Rochester company that is best known around the country for their bitters and is a staple behind many bars both...


Portland, ME – Duckfat, Coffee and Liquor

The Boston, Mass area has been a frequent target of our weekend driving trips over the last few years. Just inside the outer limits of comfortable after work driving range and a comfortable but interesting metro area to explore. Not to mention that the food scene is fantastic and it...