Cooking at Tandoor of India

So this post is the story of my first YouTube video and what turned out to be a fantastic experience. The weird coincidence of how this ended up happening shows just how small a town this is and how cool social media is.

I was visiting The Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua to check out the Sand Bar and have a drink along the lake and saw a wedding happening. As we walked by, I noticed that the food was catered by Tandoor of India and that they were using a portable tandoor oven to cook. Of course I had to take a picture and share it out on social media being a social like person and was pleasantly surprised when I got a response from the restaurant.

Tandoor of India reached out and offered to have me over to the restaurant to learn  how to cook chocolate naan and chicken tikka in their tandoor oven. How could I say no to a cool offer like that?

I had an absolute blast spending time with Raj and have even more respect for house made Indian food after seeing what goes into it. Not to mention how hot that tandoor oven is. I only slapped a naan onto the side and I almost singed my arm hairs. That is some hot stuff!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy my first video!


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