F.A.T. Podcast Episode 50 – XRIJF – Amanda Antinore

Amanda Antinore - XRIJF

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I brought the portable podcast rig out to the Eastman Theatre in the heart of the XRIJF (Jazz Fest) to have a chat with Amanda Antinore. We talked about the food options in and around the Jazz Fest in the limited time we had.

The Jazz Fest has a strong selection of food trucks available on most nights including Marty’s Meat, Sweet Sammie Jane’s, Le Petit Poutine, The Meatball Truck, Cheesed and Confused and Macarollin’. Of course there are other vendors on site but you can also make short walks to the new Fuego Coffee Roasters over on Euclid and all the other restaurants in and around the Jazz Fest area.

We also were able to touch on


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