F.A.T. Podcast Episode 41 – Michael Warren Thomas Part 2


On this episode of the Food About Town podcast Michael Warren Thomas (savorlife.com) came over to the Food About Town Studio for an extended talk. In Part 2, we did a wine tasting and discussed some of the political issues going on in the Finger Lakes right now.

We tasted a Cabernet Franc wine from the Finger Lakes (Dr Konstantin Frank) and one from the Niagara region (Leonard Oakes). Even though they are only a couple hours apart, they had some interesting differences and I know I enjoyed both.

We moved on to a discussion of the gas storage issues on Seneca Lake and the Gas Free Seneca movement. Even though I had already heard about the issue, getting more information on it was enlightening and hearing about the potential for major issues was disheartening. We also talked about the possibility of an expansion of a garbage dumping situation on the eastern front of the Finger Lakes. This was an eye opener to me and it is hard to believe this is all happening in a burgeoning tourism area with no regard to the major risks that they cause. I hope it is enlightening to you as well.


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