Food Truck Rodeo 2015-04-29

Rodeo 2015-04-29 BNM Cuban

Rochester’s long winter is over and it is Food Truck Rodeo season once again! This was the first rodeo of the season and with perfectly pleasant weather to welcome the ever popular outdoor event back to the Public Market. As always I’ll be recapping any new trucks that pop up, reviews of dishes I sampled and my overall thoughts about this month’s event in the normal format below.

New Openings

A new year means the launch of new food trucks! Only a couple this month but I expect some more in the next couple events. Even ran across a gentleman looking to open a Korean sandwich truck. Definitely want to check that out when it pops up.

Eat Greek Food Truck Launched

Eat Greek launched at the Rodeo with their full size truck and is serving up classic fast service Greek fare. Easy concept to explain to anyone who has eaten at a Greek diner before. Solid idea but we’ll see how it holds up and if they edge into any creative territory. Quick review of their food in the next section.

Neno's Mexican Street Food Cart
Neno’s Mexican Street Food Cart

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen these guys out. I had a chance to sample their food at the Monroe Village Farmer’s Market last year before the cart was branded. I remember having some pretty solid street style tacos so I’m definitely going to check them out in the coming months. Rest of the menu is edging toward Mexican street food with a few fusion elements.

Dish Reviews

Stuck to a few classics for the kick off of the new season of rodeos and sampled the fare from the Eat Greek truck as well. On to the pics!

Rodeo 2015-04-29 BNM Cuban
Rodeo 2015-04-29 BNM Cuban

Really happy to see Brick-N-Motor back on the streets! I’ll be doing a separate post about some of the food I’ve had from there since they re-opened soon-ish. Trying to keep up with everything my mind can come up with is difficult! Anyway, this “Cuban” edged more toward the flavor profile of a torta with some mustard edging in. It didn’t really fit in either camp that well but it fit right in the damn tasty camp.


I know I’ve written about this sandwich before but I just wanted to put in another picture of it. Marty’s Pastrami. Only tweak from last year is a switch from Martusciello’s to a Martin roll. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Much different texture. Wasn’t bad but not the style I’d choose for the near perfect base part of the sandwich.

Rodeo 2015-04-29 Eat Greek Gyro

The wife and I tried the classic gryo pita and a side of falafel from the newly opened Eat Greek food truck. The pita stayed true to what most would understand to be a gyro with cone cooked beef-lamb mixture, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, feta and onions. Pretty generic outcome and I wish the sauce had more kick to it. The falafel were much better with solid flvor and texture both with the crispy exterior and the soft interior. I’d revisit and focus on more of those delicious balls first.

Rodeo 2015-04-29 Eat Me Sandwich

We finished off with a vegan coconut milk based chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwich from Eat Me Ice Cream. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone for the last bite, but it is hard to resist this sweet treat. The cookies are good by themselves but the peanut butter portion of the ice cream really stood out. Full peanut flavored with a dense texture that emphasized the richness. Great way to finish off the night!

Overall Thoughts

Rodeo 2015-04-29 People

Some of the best weather so far this spring brought out a good crowd by around 6pm to enjoy the first rodeo of 2015. Turnover has happened with some of the older trucks and we were definitely missing some of the other oldies this time. I’m interested to see who shows up next time and how things progress this year. My guess is more turnover as people realize how tough the food truck game really is but only time will tell!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here for the next recap!

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