Food Truck Rodeo 2014-05-28

Rodeo 5-28-14 Crowd

Based on what I saw last night, the Food Truck Rodeo season has officially started in earnest. Sure we had one last month and a supporting event at the Genesee Brew House, but the lines that we experienced at the Public Market were as long as I’ve ever seen and the parking lots were completely jam packed. The only thing I can take from it is that despite the cool weather, people were¬†excited to spend some time out of doors, listen to some live music and try some interesting food. On to the trucks!

New Openings

Rodeo 5-28-14 Brunch Side

The first new opening we ran across was The Brunch Box truck which (designed by the illustrious and prolific Mdesign) and wasn’t actually serving food this time. Looks like a diverse menu (check the pics out for more details!) and according to their sign they’ll be up and serving food next Rodeo so look out for them then!

Rodeo 5-28-14 Smoothies

Smoothies Plus (another Mdesign joint) was the other debuting truck for the evening and they were serving up fruit, chocolate or coffee smoothies. Didn’t get a chance to try them out, but I’m sure they’re going to be a staple on the festival circuit and the rodeos through the summer time.

Dish Reviews

With the extended lines at just about every major truck/stand (Duke’s Donuts probably took the cake with the longest), I wasn’t able to sample quite as much as I usually do but still got to a couple trucks before heading out.

Rodeo 5-28-14 Marty Brisket

The guys at Marty’s Meats dished us out their Frisket; a dynamite and voluminous brisket sandwich served on a sub roll with some BBQ sauce and pickle slices. This was the second time I’ve had their brisket and it hit the mark again with big slabs consisting of the crunchy, meaty, and fatty portions that makes brisket fantastic plus accompaniments to sharpen things up. Another winning dish showing why they are one of my go to trucks at these events.

Rodeo 5-28-14 Daily Refresher Burger

Ever since they popped up last year, I’ve been wanting to try a burger from the Daily Refresher cart that operates at the bar of the same name on Alexander Street. I even tried going to the place a couple months ago and was turned away since I wasn’t aware they only served during the warmer months of the year. After all that waiting, I finally got their burger in my face by way of their Deluxe Hamburger that comes decked out with a mountain of fixings. Even though the burger itself was cooked to well done, I appreciated the strong sear and salt level that stood out even with toppings that ran the gamut including aioli, arugula, bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions and even a fried egg. The bun couldn’t stand up to all the juices and it would have been improved by a few less items, but all in all this was a solid effort and one I’d come back for.

Overall Thoughts

Here is to hoping that the weather keeps up for the next Rodeo in June and we are treated to another amazing turn out. The trucks had a great night and from my eyes, I think the people in attendance did as well. See you all next month!

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