Rosie’s Hot Buns Meets Marty’s Meats


Most of you probably know that Rosie’s Hot Buns has been closed the last few months while doing some renovations to the kitchen and, it turns out, the kitchen staff as well. I stopped in earlier this week after finding out they were open through their social media presence to grab dinner and had a chat with the owner, Caleb Hieron, while I waited. While going through the kitchen upgrades, they turned over the entire kitchen staff and, through some good timing, were able to secure the services of part of the Marty’s Meats crew for the winter to shore things up back there.

This mashup was able to happen since the Marty’s Meats truck is closing down for the winter months and getting together only for catering events. Personally, I’m glad that they were able to make something happen since Rosie’s was in need of some consistent kitchen help and the Marty’s crew can keep themselves occupied (and warm!) until the spring comes along. Andre and Paul should be great additions to the Rosie’s kitchen and it sounds like there may be some opportunities to get some Rosie’s/Marty’s food mashups as things progress.

Caleb also mentioned that they should be open more consistently and have started offering delivery service in a radius around the restaurant. Go in to grab some food and support both crews!

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