Market Spotlight – First Light

First Light Stand

The focus this week on the Food About Town Market Spotlight is on First Light Farm and Creamery out of East Bethany, NY in Genesee County. First Light is a goat dairy farm that works with both goat and cow milks and produces a wide range of products including their signature chevre made from goat milk. This creamy, easily spreadable cheese comes in traditional plain and also in a flavors including garlic/dill and paprika both of which I have enjoyed greatly spread on some Flour City Bread. If you haven’t tried chevre before, it makes for a more interesting substitute for cream cheese and an opportunity to get some more goat milk in your diet.

First Light Chevre

In addition to the chevre products, First Light makes cheddar, jack, feta and cheddar cheese curds which I’m pretty sure are used locally in the poutine from one of the most popular food trucks in Rochester, Le Petit Poutine. I’ve had them in the over the top decadent poutine and also on their own with eggs and as a snack and I’m definitely a fan. Whole, cream top Jersey cow milk is now being used at two of Rochester’s finest coffee bars, Joe Bean and Fuego Coffee, for milk based espresso drinks and I’ve heard good things on that front from those that like milk in their coffee. They have also recently expanded to offer organic cow’s milk yogurt as well. First Light has started hosting cheese and yogurt making classes at their farm which look like a great time and have gotten me excited to see more about how cheese is made in person. Check out their website for more details about cost and reserving a spot for one of the workshops. Another offering is a dairy CSA where you multiple different options to receive cheese, milk or yogurt at a pick up location at The Little Bleu Cheese Shop in the Southwedge.

First Light Board

First Light is at the Brighton Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings (not sure about other markets they may attend around Rochester) and you can check out their products at a number of different restaurants and stores around town.

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