Market Spotlight – Bolton Farms

This week on the Food About Town Market Spotlight we are taking a look at one of the mainstays of Rochester’s market scene, Bolton Farms out of Hilton, NY. They are one of my go to places when I am looking for greens and fresh herbs and due to their hydroponic greenhouse growing style they can offer their products year round which is pretty novel for the Rochester area. I love being able to buy fresh, locally grown greens outside the peak growing season and Bolton is one of the very few (or only) way to get them.

Bolton Farms @ Public Market

I’ve been buying their veggies for years and love the consistency that they offer. Don’t get me wrong; I love getting greens and herbs from other vendors grown traditionally but Bolton Farms offers a product that hit the same notes over and over again while still using environmentally conscious methods. Beneficial insects are used to manage crop pests instead of pesticides which I’m a big fan of and also very effective. Growing up working in my family’s greenhouse business built in a fascination for those that grow plants or crops in limited conditions and I’m hoping to go out and visit their facility to see in more detail what they’re all about.

The arugula is my favorite in the area and always has the right amount of tenderness and bitterness. Bok choy and kale are very clean tasting and their salad mixes and lettuce are both solid and tend to last longer in the fridge than most. The growing medium cubes offer some water to get into the greens after purchase and the greens tend to be very clean in the bags.

Bolton Farms Greens

In addition to offering their products at multiple markets including the Public Market on Saturdays, Brighton Farmer’s Market on Sundays and the Southwedge Market on Thursdays they also sell to local restaurants. At the Public Market, they are located in the covered shed right before Seven Bridges Farm and are consistently there every week. They do tend to sell out of some of the popular items so it is beneficial to get there early to make sure you have the best selection.

Go check out Bolton Farms and get some great greens and when you’re looking for fresh food in the cold, dark winters of Rochester they are your hookup!

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