F.A.T. Podcast Episode 43 – US Barista Championship Regional Competitors


On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I had Tony Colon from Fuego Coffee Roasters and Adam Solomon from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters over to the studio to discuss their recent experience at the US Barista Championships Regional event held in Kansas City.

I wanted to hear about the entire experience of the competition for both of these Rochester based baristas and find out out how it was different for each of them. Tony had been to two regional events before and this was Adam’s first chance to compete in a SCAA sanctioned event and I really enjoyed hearing about their processes leading up to it.

We did go through their runs and discovered what mistakes they made, how they felt about them and the lessons they learned. This was an eye opener for a non-coffee professional like myself and was a window into how seriously our local specialty coffee baristas take their jobs.

Go support both Tony and Adam at their respective shops and ask more about their time at the competition!

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