F.A.T. Podcast Episode 91 – Karma Sauce and Brud Holland

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Gene Olczak from Karma Sauce and Brud Holland from Fox Run Vineyards and the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty  came over to the studio to talk about the addition of the Extreme Karma Sauce to the lineup of the fifth season of Hot Ones! This is an exciting development since Hot Ones is a huge YouTube show and it is bringing exposure for Karma Sauce all over the country,

This is the fourth episode of my goal to release a new episode every week of 2018. Have a few episodes in the queue now with some very interesting guests on the way!

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Gene told us how he started working on Karma Sauce and explained how he ended up getting selected to be on this season of Hot Ones through his relationship with Heatonist. In the first episode of the season Taraji Henson from Empire bowed out from the challenge on Extreme Karma and after tasting it I can’t blame her. It packs a serious punch!

We bounced around a few topics including a discussion about local sourcing, some of Brud’s projects including his marigold-caper creation and how the recipes for Karma Sauce came about.


We had a blast and went through a tasting of four of the sauces in the Karma lineup including Smokey Karma (mild with chipotle), Cherry Bomb (tart cherry with habanero), Extreme Karma (some serious heat with a lot of the flavor complexity from Smokey Karma) and Ashes to Ashes (a pure pepper bomb with some serious business heat rating). Brud and I got burned up a bit but we loved the balanced flavor of the sauces in between the heat.

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