F.A.T. Podcast Episode 62 – Donny Clutterbuck

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On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I had Donny Clutterbuck over to the studio who is one of my favorite people in Rochester. Donny is the president of the local USBG chapter and is the head bartender at Cure over at the Public Market.

We spent some time going through some of Donny’s history including an extended talk through his time at Booker and Dax in NYC which was one of the more technology infused bars in the country. Donny has been doing some fascinating experiments recently and we dove into those and why he is spending that kind of time. Donny also came out with an app last year called Pour Cost that is worth checking out if you are a bar professional of any kind.

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Toward the end we talked through some of Donny’s mental issues that he has been dealing with through his life which I thought was engaging and very honest. Donny is a trooper and I find it valuable to talk through things like this and give people a more complete picture of who you are. I much prefer knowing the bumps and bruises instead of seeing someone as a glossy airbrushed version of who they are.

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