F.A.T. Podcast Episode 59 – Vince Press

Vince Press Headshot

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I was happy to welcome Vince Press to the studio for a run through some of his recent columns for Rochester Magazine and about his recent travels.

Vince’s column “I’m in the mood for” recaps around five different versions of a specific dish. It could range from octopus to lobster rolls to banh mi or baked in house pretzels. It is a solid resource if you’re on the hunt for something specific or if you’re trying to find a new dish to try out. You can also find Vince on media all around town publicizing the articles and helping to make it more visible.

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Vince Seaweed

We had both recently made trips to Seattle so we broke down some the things we enjoyed about the town and some of the amazing food we had. It definitely got me all ramped up about heading back to the West coast soon to keep on learning more. I love the picture of Vince above trying bull kelp during his trip. Aqua foraging at its finest!

You can find Vince every month in Rochester Magazine or you can find him @VLPress on Twitter. He’s a good fellow and follow and a great resource for food info. I’m hoping to have him back regularly so we can hang and chat through Rochester.

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