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Fiamma Pizza e Vino

The hunt for great pizza has become a borderline obsession for me over the last few years. This has driven me to learn about the art of pizza making and grow my appreciation for the different versions that exist across the country. Most people stick with whatever is the prevalent...


New Opening – Blazin’ Pies

After my interview with the Marty’s Meats crew last week (podcast should be posted in the next day or two), Marty, Paul and I wandered over to the Monroe Village Farmer’s Market to say hi to the guys running the new wood fired pizza cart in town. Blazin’ Pies was...



I’m finding it more and more difficult to rate wood fired pizza as time goes on due to my raising standards and my experiences cooking pizza at home. Lucca is no exception. The pizza that they put out wasn’t bad per se, but it didn’t live up to what I...