New Opening – Blazin’ Pies

Blazin Pies Oven

After my interview with the Marty’s Meats crew last week (podcast should be posted in the next day or two), Marty, Paul and I wandered over to the Monroe Village Farmer’s Market to say hi to the guys running the new wood fired pizza cart in town. Blazin’ Pies was just finishing up a rain filled first day in operation and took a few minutes to talk to us as the oven was cooling down. They seem pretty excited to be up and running and looking forward to better weather soon! I got to try some pizza coming out of the oven but the temps weren’t where they usually were so it isn’t really fair to judge the crust at all. The toppings were straight forward and erring toward the homemade pizza style (aged mozz and simple sauce) instead of the Neopolitan style which reminded me in a positive way to the pizzas my mom made when I was growing up. Looking forward to trying one out of a full temp oven soon!

You can check Blazin’ Pies out at the Monroe Market Wednesdays from 4p-7p and they are also scheduled to be at the next Food Truck Rodeo on July 26.

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