F.A.T. Podcast Episode 86 – 2Foodies

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Carrie Morabito from 2Foodies came over to the studio to talk about the recently closed 2Foodies Wine & Spirits, the history behind how their blog and store came about and we touched on Thanksgiving wine pairings as well.

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I had been following Carrie and Andrew since they started writing online around the same time I did in the early 2010’s. It was great to see them push it forward and try to run a combination liquor store and culinary destination in Greece. The store had a curated selection and unfortunately did not end up making it for a number of reasons that we touched on.

We talked through how Carrie got into wine and eventually into the writing side of things. We also spent a few minutes comparing the specialty coffee scene with wine as I tried to entice Carrie into giving this kind of coffee a try.

Keep an eye on the 2Foodies Facebook page to see what they will be tacklign next. Andrew is already working on cheffing around town for events and I’m sure Carrie will be in and around the wine business in some way or another.

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