Chris Clemens NA Drinks – NonROCaholic – Bravus and Sierra Nevada

In this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Chris Lindstrom (@stromie) welcomes his good friend Chris Clemens (@cpclemens and @nonrocaholic) for a deep dive into the world of non-alcoholic (NA) beverages. They explore a variety of NA beers, sharing their tasting notes, preferences, and the growing trend of sober curiosity.

The duo kicks off the episode with a tasting of Sierra Nevada’s (@sierranevada) non-alcoholic IPA, discussing its classic West Coast IPA profile and why it has garnered so much excitement among NA beer enthusiasts. They then move on to Bravus Brewing’s (@bravusbrewco) offerings, including their West Coast IPA and a unique peanut butter dark beer, providing detailed feedback on each.

Throughout the episode, Chris and Chris delve into the history and evolution of non-alcoholic beers, touching on the increasing number of big brands entering the NA market, such as Blue Moon (@bluemoonbrewco) and White Claw (@whiteclawzero). They also discuss the challenges and opportunities in the NA beer segment, highlighting the importance of offering diverse and high-quality options.

Whether you’re a seasoned NA beer drinker or just curious about the trend, this episode offers a wealth of information and insights. Plus, get recommendations for other great NA products and learn where to find them.

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