F.A.T. Podcast Episode 66 – Fifth Frame

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On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, the fine gentlemen from Fifth Frame Brewing came back to the studio to discuss  the current state of their build out over on St Paul Street. Wade Reed, Jarred Foster and Jon Mervine dove in feet first and talked through the building, BARRELS and where their equipment is right now.

We tried samples of Wade’s new cold brewed coffee, Jon’s beer and a couple other things as well. I’m really excited about the direction the building is going and we’ll get some inside looks on the space sometime soon. As usual the guys were a blast and we got into a bit more technical stuff this time which was nice. We also touched on their name change from Split Batch which was in my eyes a postiive change. The coffee, beer and food are sure to be inventive and interesting and they even did a cool latte art throwdown event at Branca Midtown recently.

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Thanks so much to the guys for coming over and chatting and I’ll have them over closer to the their opening in warmer months of 2017!

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