Brick-N-Motor RIP

BNM Truck

I was saddened today to see in the D&C today that Brick-N-Motor, one of the OGs of food trucking in Rochester, was closing up their operation and won’t be returning to the streets. I’ve been a fan since I first sampled their food in late 2012 and became a regular when they briefly served lunch near my work the following spring. What drew me to the truck originally was the BNM Burger, a menu staple and one of the best burgers in all of Rochester. From the start to the finish, the burger was a hit and the first juicy bite got me hooked right off the bat.

BNM Gnocchi

Brick-N-Motor brought restaurant quality food and seasonal diversity to the table without any of the pretension of a high end sit down establishment. This hit right to the core of my sensibilities and is what I think drew a lot of people to the truck. The menu was constantly rotating based on the season and the whim of chefs Paul Vroman and Nate Hurtt which made repeat visits interesting no matter how many times you stopped by. You could get fantastic gnocchi served in a paper tray one day, pork belly buns the next and a great selection of brunch food on a Saturday morning at the Public Market which made them truly special among our truck population. Who else would even dare to put a chicken liver dish (a delicious one!) right next to the pancakes and hash on a brunch menu in Rochester?

BNM Pork Belly Buns

BNM set a high standard for mobile food and the truck consistently had some of the longest lines at the monthly Rochester food truck rodeos. Buffalo got the chance to sample the goods and quickly became a hit at Larkin Square and especially with the Buffalo Eats crew. Hell, Donnie Burtless even got a special named after him that I was always jealous of! I think if nothing else, their legacy will be one of pushing the limits on what style of food could be served off of a truck and setting the mark for others to shoot for.

On a positive note, both Paul and Nate will still be involved in food businesses in the area. Paul has been killing it as the chef at the Italian focused Aunt Rosie’s near Eastman School since late last year and it has become one of my new favorites. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out on some creative and delicious food and it should be high on your culinary to-do list. Nate has joined up with the ever expanding Macarollin’ truck and their multiple franchises around the country as their executive chef and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from those guys.

Although I’m sad to see Brick-N-Motor go, I’m truly happy that I was able to eat some great food and have some engaging conversations with the guys over the past year or so. I feel lucky to have scheduled Brick-N-Motor to cater my wedding this summer and it turns out that my guests and I will be getting some of the last food made under that name. I’m looking forward following both Paul and Nate in the future and best wishes to both of them.

Safe home Brick-N-Motor and thanks for all the food!

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