F.A.T. Episode 12 – Avvino


On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Tim Caschette and I sat down at Avvino restaurant in Brighton for a follow up after my recent City Newspaper review. Tim was a pleasure to hang out with and the food at Avvino was well worth revisiting. We also covered a wide range of food topics including some about his past with the people from Good Luck and just generally had a good time.


I’m hoping to use these follow ups as a good way to populate the podcasts moving forward and give a different view on the restaurants I cover. Hoping to have a much smaller gap between episodes in the future, but while I attempt to fit some more into my schedule please enjoy this talk with Tim Caschette from Avvino.

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  • Hi, thanks for all your work to publish a local food site! I know how difficult this type of endeavor is and wish you the best success.

    A friendly suggestion for your podcasts: Please allow your interviewees to finish their thoughts – it it very disruptive to hear the interviewer constantly interrupt the person speaking, even to agree as you seem to be doing most of the time with Tim Caschette.

    Otherwise I am very impressed with this site and all your efforts to raise the level of discourse on the restaurant scene in Rochester!