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Speed Round – Taqueria Monte Alban

On our way home from our Buffalo experiences Saturday over Labor Day weekend we made a stop off in Medina to try one of the very few true taquerias in the WNY area. Taqueria Monte Alban is located on Rt 31 in a permanent trailer next to the affiliated Mexican...


F.A.T. Episode 3 – Itacate Interview

For Episode 3 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked with Jose Abarca of Itacate restaurants in Penfield and Gates about his restaurants and his background. Authentic Mexican food was one of the main topics and we delved into a few other topics as well. Not the longest talk...


Food Truck Rodeo 5-28-2013

I spent some quality time out at the first Food Truck Rodeo of the year at the Public Market on Wednesday and it really was a great night to kick off the Rodeo season. Rain cleared up, sun was plentiful and there were a ton of people out to enjoy...