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City Newspaper Review – Char Steak & Lounge

This is a repost of my recent City Newspaper review of Char Steak & Lounge at the Strathallen. I enjoyed both of the meals we had at Char and was happy to get back into the steak game since I don’t eat steak that often. A class act from top to...


City Newspaper Review – Avvino

Another Rochester City Newspaper review in and out on the newsstands! This time I made a couple visits to Avvino in Brighton and ended up really enjoying our meals and the service. I think the review turned out nicely with the wife doing some extra editing before it got published....


Spring Cleaning – Samba Cafe

Restaurant review spring cleaning! Since starting the blog last year, I have ended up eating and taking pictures at a lot of places I haven’t gotten around to writing about. For someone who wants to tackle everything and go more in depth with the reviews, this has been one of the difficult...