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Public Market Rundown Early 05/15

It has been a couple weeks since the last market rundown and I’m overflowing with interesting stuff from the last visits I made to the Public Market. We’ll be touching on some of the newest and freshest produce, cracking into meat and some home cooking and covering a vendor that...


Public Market Rundown 04-25-15

I’m an avid attendee of both the Brighton Farmer’s Market and Rochester Public Market and, now that the weather is starting to break, people are starting to head out in droves to check out the first produce of the spring. As new fruits and veggies pop this year I’m going...


Chanterelles and Neopolitan Pizza Dough

This pizza making excursion started at the Public Market as many of them do since nothing inspires me to cook more than fresh ingredients. This time I ran into my landlord who happens to grow mushrooms at Timber Trails Forest Farm in Bristol, NY (lucky me right?) and I got...