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F.A.T. Podcast Episode 79 – Evan Dawson Part 2

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I am bringing you the second part of my interview with Evan Dawson from WXXI. You most likely know him from the show Connections that he hosts every day from 12-2pm which tackles food, politics, policy and everything in between. This...


F.A.T. Episode 4 – Marty’s Meats Interview

Episode 4 of the Food About Town podcast! Sorry about the delay but I had some scheduling issues and I’ll be trying to post more regularly in the future. I talked with the Marty’s Meats crew out at SEA Restaurant so there will be a little more background noise than...


F.A.T. Episode 2 – Rosie’s Hot Buns Interview

For the second interview (and now podcast!) on Food About Town, I talked to owner Caleb Piron and chef/manager Christian Stark from Rosie’s Hot Buns about their new restaurant on Monroe Ave. I had been talking to Chris while getting food over the last month or so and it was...