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New Opening – Cipolla Romaine Kitchen

I spent some time hanging out with Joseph Cipolla and David Romaine of Cipolla Romaine late last week and I’m excited to bring some news about a new venture that they are working on. Opening in early November, Cipolla Romaine Kitchen will be located in the former Flour City Pasta...


F.A.T. Episode 9 – Cipolla Romaine

On Episode 9 of the Food About Town podcast, I talked in my living room with Dave Potwin and Joe Cipolla from Cipolla Romaine. This was the first podcast recorded at my place so if Dave and Joe are a little on the quiet side, I apologize. I’m working on...


Lettuce B Frank at 3 Brothers Winery

I’m always looking for opportunities to go out to food related events for extra website content and to have the chance to be more engaged in the food community around the Rochester area. Along those lines, Dave Potwin from Lettuce B Frank and I were chatting a few weeks ago...