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F.A.T. Podcast Episode 81 – The Meatball Truck

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Matt Petrillo from The Meatball Truck and Antonetta’s came over to the studio to talk about the Taste NY food truck competition at The Great New York State Fair on September 2-3. It was nice to continue the relationship with the...


Skylark Lounge

Meatballs have found a new life in the last few years as a comfort food that could be “elevated” and in some larger cities there are full restaurants that focus exclusively on the meatball arts. Here in Rochester, Jesse Hanus recently wrote a meatball Round Up for the City Newspaper...


New Opening – The Meatball Truck Co.

Another Food Truck Rodeo is coming up and another new truck will be joining the ranks to serve the massive crowds on Wednesday August 28th at the Rochester Public Market. The Meatball Truck Co. will be launching their truck at the August Rodeo and I’m excited to see what they’ve...