F.A.T. Podcast Episode 81 – The Meatball Truck

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Matt Petrillo from The Meatball Truck and Antonetta’s came over to the studio to talk about the Taste NY food truck competition at The Great New York State Fair on September 2-3. It was nice to continue the relationship with the NYS Fair with our second annual podcast with the prior year’s winner and finally get the chance to talk with Matt.

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I’ve been following Matt and The Meatball Truck since before they opened so it was great to sit down for an hour and talk. We talked through Matt’s family background in food and how he ended up running two food trucks and a classic Rochester red sauce Italian-American restaurant. Matt is another one of those guys that hits a great balance between execution and business acumen which is hard to do.

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Make the trip out to visit Matt and The Meatball Truck at The Great New York State Fair this weekend and help them keep their spot from last year. Keep track of where The Meatball Truck is next on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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