F.A.T. Podcast Episode 55 – Truce Release

Truce Podcast

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I had three fine gentlemen from Apple Country Spirits and Knucklehead Craft Brewing over to the studio to discuss  their new collaboration effort. Together they are releasing Truce, a limited run barrel aged combination of an Imperial Scotch Ale and 2 Year Applejack.

This was a blast from start to finish with Collin McConville (Apple Country), George Cline and Len Dummer (Knucklehead) providing boat loads of energy and banter to keep the conversation moving.

We sampled a bottle of Truce and I think Collin described the product best:

Truce combines Knucklehead Craft Brewing’s strong (or “imperial”) Scotch ale with Apple Country Spirits’ 2-Year barrel aged AppleJack. The two products were blended in used bourbon barrels and allowed to rest for 6 months, through late winter and summer. The resulting product is a thick and hearty ale that tops out at 20% ABV. The two alcohols combine to bring forward the sweetness of the malt and a hint of fruit flavor from the brandy. Unlike the normal collaborations of beer and distilled spirits, the Scotch ale was not simply put into used barrels, but was actually married with the AppleJack to boost the alcohol content and add a whole new layer of depth and complexity to the final product.

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Truce is a limited edition bottle offering (under 500 total bottles made) that you can try at the events being held at Knucklehead on September 27 and Apple Country on September 29. Tickets for both events can be found on Event Brite at the links above. At the event you’ll get a sample of Truce, a 375mL bottle and some food from the Knucklehead crew.
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