F.A.T. Podcast Episode 129 – First Light Creamery Cheese Care Package

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Trystan Sandvoss from First Light Creamery to talk about their new Cheese Care Package initiative and all about how First Light came to be where they are today. It was a pleasure to engage with some fantastic local products that take care in sourcing.

Check out Cheese Care Package to support First Light and other great producers while also getting yourself a great tasting experience. It is a reminder for us to still find some joy in the times we are all dealing with right now.

You can find a coupon code on their website to try it out this package for yourself!

This episode is brought to you by the newly launched RochesterFoodNet. I am very happy to be a part of the group of well established voices in the Rochester food scene talking on our own terms. Check out what we have going on so far on the website and we’ll be dabbling in more podcast episodes coming up soon!

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