New Opening – Leaf Tea Bar

Leaf Tea Bar Front

I’m pleased to let everyone know that today marks the soft opening of Leaf Tea Bar in the South Wedge neighborhood! The starting hours for Tea Bar will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at 650 South Ave right next to Thread. For those that haven’t heard the name yet, this is the new permanent location of Happy Earth Tea which was formerly housed in the Hungerford Building. Niraj Lama is the man behind the tea and has been the premier purveyor of premium teas in our area for years now.

Leaf - Niraj

Leaf Tea Bar will be combining the best of traditional and contemporary tea service with quick options including iced tea available alongside more contemplative Gong Fu service. This will be a great place to hang out and really experience the tea in the traditional style. In addition to regular service, classes and full tastings will happen on Friday nights to expand your knowledge of teas. I did one of these classes at the Hungerford on pu’erh and learned a lot about that style.

Leaf Interior

Niraj makes trips to India and Nepal to directly source tea from specific farms and deals directly on teas from other countries. Alongside the single origin teas, there are also blends of flavored teas available. These will tens toward more natural and subtle flavors than flavored teas you may have had before and well worth trying.

Leaf Bar

Leaf will be a place for all – enthusiasts can gather and discuss the finer points while those that want to expand their tea knowledge can see the passion of Niraj and open their palate to what tea can offer.

I can’t wait to check out the finished Leaf Tea Bar and I hope to see you all there. When you stop in let him know you heard about it on Food About Town. Go enjoy some tea today!


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