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This review is going to be something a little bit different than the normal restaurant review or event recap I have been writing the last few months. For the first time on Food About Town, a company contacted me to provide a product, corn in this case, for the purposes of a review. Since this is the first one, I wanted to make clear my intent when it comes to this kind of offer/review so you can understand what we’re planning on doing. If it is a product I’m interested in and I decide to write about it, I will be mentioning at the top of the post that the product was supplied for review, under what conditions and I will try to be objective in my writing. This will be conveyed to the company or person supplying the product as well to keep things as transparent as possible.

So let’s get into it!

Harris Seeds Mr. Mini Mirai

Harris Seeds contacted me to see if I was interested in trying their Mr. Mini Mirai variety of corn. Being a corn lover from way back, I readily agreed and they had a box of their corn shipped to me so I could have a chance to try it out. The way it was described to me in their message, Mr. Mirai Mini is supposed to be one of the sweetest corns on the market without sacrificing the flavor of corn. After reading their website, the other defining characteristics included deep kernels and a relatively short 5″-6″ length.

After work last week, we grabbed our box o’ corn and dug right in on an ear raw. Tasting corn raw is my favorite way to really get the full flavor without being obfuscated by the cooking or the typical toppings that are usually used. Mr. Mini Mirai delivered on Harris’ promises on just about every count. The sweetness was outstanding and on the level of ripe fruit while still maintaining a solid corn flavor. A touch milky but with a clean finish and kernels that were crisp and came off pretty cleanly from the cob. This was a pretty fantastic raw corn.

Better picture of CORN

In the days following, I’ve had it cooked as well with and without salt and the corn shone both ways. The milky taste was replaced by even more sweetness and a clean corn finish. I still have some left in the fridge and last I checked on Saturday, the corn hadn’t really diminished in consistency or taste. Impressive showing by Harris Seeds. I will definitely be searching this corn out the next time I’m out hunting for it at the markets. I’m a fan and really hope this catches on as a popular variety among the general public.

For those that are concerned about GMOs, according to Harris’ website Mr Mini Mirai is not genetically modified nor have any biotechnology traits been applied. They mention that it was developed using natural selection.

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  • Not sure when this article was from, but we and our customers loved Mr. Mini Mirai from Harris Seed. It has been quite a few years since we have been able to purchase any. After repeatedly calling them, we were told by a salesman that the variety was a favorite of the Japanese and that all of their seed was being shipped to Japan. Always wondered if that was just a story to stop my inquires. It worked. Have you heard of a problem of availability? Thanks