Market Spotlight – Flour City Bread Co Pizza

When we were at the Brighton Farmer’s Market a couple weekends ago, we noticed a large wood fired oven trailer near the food vendor section and stopped over to see what the deal was. Turns out that it was a portable extension off of my favorite bread and pastry purveyor, Flour City Bread Co, and I was happy to see they were serving up pizzas that Sunday.

Flour City Pizza Setup

We choose to go for the margherita pizza for evaluation purposes over their Market Pie of the day (roasted peppers, corn and fresh mozz) which sounded like a solid combination. Although the operation was moving along quickly, the wait was about 20 minutes or so for our pie due to the lengthy lines, but we kept busy grabbing food from Dave over at Lettuce B Frank. Definitely a great way to pass some time!

Flour City Margherita

Our pizza was served in a small pizza box and was around 10″ cut into quarters for easy portable consumption. All of the toppings were fresh including the tomato sauce and the crust had really pleasant texture. A bit on the chewy side and there was good developed flavor in the dough along with a touch of crunch. I would prefer a touch more salt both in the dough and the toppings to balance some of the tomato sweetness and the fresh mozzarella creaminess but still tasty for sure.

I’ll be stopping in again to see how their pizza progresses over time and, if their breads are any indication, I’m betting it is going to be one of the better pies in town!

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    • Definitely worth giving them a try. Haven’t been to the Brighton Market in a couple weeks so I’m not sure if they’re still there. Hopefully stopping in this week to check it out!

  • Lettuce B. Frank- We get you fed, while your waiting in line for your other food…

    I hear this all the time Chris!!

    Thanx for the nod.

    • Well played sir….you’re always on the ball at the markets and big events. I’m pretty sure we’ll see you out there tomorrow morning for some delicious nutritious breakfast sandwiches before our road trip to Buffalo!