Buffalo Eats Podcast


Hey guys….this week on the Buffalo Eats podcast is me!

I took the reasonably short drive out to Buffalo last week to record a Buffalo/Rochester crossover podcast with Donnie Burtless from Buffalo Eats in his studio. Along with some of the big national sites like Serious Eats and (more recently) Eater, I’d consider his site to be an inspiration for what I’m doing on Food About Town and having the opportunity to get interviewed by him was something I’d been looking forward to since we started chatting about it a while back. It was kind of odd being on the other side of a podcast after hosting my own, but Donnie made it comfortable and we were just able to have a discussion which is exactly how I like my podcasts to be. We had the chance to discuss some about how I ended up starting the site, being a food blogger, what I think about the Rochester restaurant scene and where I’m trying to go with the site. Everyone should take the time to check it out either streaming from his site or you can grab it off of iTunes.

While you’re there, he has a great archive of podcasts to listen to about the Buffalo food scene and his posts have been a great primer to introduce me to our sister city to the west so take the dive into his writing. You won’t be sorry!

Quick side note to my trip to Buffalo. Prior to recording the podcast, we grabbed some food out at Cantina Loco which I would describe as one of the few successful crosses between traditional Mexican cuisine and the Americanized versions that I typically end up disliking. We ended up eating relatively lightly with a taco each (skirt steak for me) and some chips and queso to split between the two of us. I didn’t end up taking pictures or notes since we were just eating casually, but I enjoyed both dishes and would recommend stopping in if you’re in the area and can get a seat. It was a weekday and seemed to be a full hotspot with every table jam packed with people so keep that in mind.

Thanks again to Donnie for having me on the podcast and hosting me in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to returning the favor when he ends up in our fair city of Rochester so stay tuned for that in the future!

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