F.A.T. Podcast Episode 63 – ButaPub and The Remedy

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On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I had Evan Pierce and Chef Asa Mott over to the studio to talk about their new alternative brunch this weekend with DJ Alykhan called The Remedy. We also went through the history of ButaPub and I got to dive into some Asian cuisine with Asa.

The Remedy is a combination of a curated DJ set with brunch food that goes a step beyond the typical. The event runs from 11a-4p on Sunday so come say hi if you find yourself over here in the later parts of it.

We also spent some time going tthrough he history of ButaPub and the German House and how Even and Asa got together for the project. We also had a fairly wide talk through some different Asian foods and dove into the scope of baking that Asa has gotten into. More wide ranging than I was expecting!

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Go check out ButaPub in the South Wedge on Gregory St and let me know your thoughts on either this event or ButaPub in general.

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