F.A.T. Episode 25 – Condiments

Condiments Studio View

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I sat down in the studio with Chris Clemens from Exploring Upstate and Veronica Volk from WXXI and we talked about condiments! This has been a few months in the making after Chris and I touched on condiments in Episode 16 of the F.A.T. podcast and he explained his distaste for mayonnaise. Twitter came in to the situation a few days ago and Veronica jumped into the fray to add the positive mayo counterpoint to the discussion. The table was set (so to speak) and the podcast was on!

Condiments Smile Table

With our participants all amped up, I reached out to Matty Miller from the Owl House and Jose Abarca from Itacate to supply the house made condiments for our taste test. Thanks very much to both places since we couldn’t have done this the right way without them.

This was an absolute blast to record and I wish you all could have seen the faces that Chris made when he was tasting the mayo like dressings. So much disgust!

Other than torturing Chris, we touched on the history of condiments, took plenty of tangents and did off air taste tests of ketchup, mustard, salsas and hot sauces. We had plenty of laughs and could have done so much more, but we’ll save our energy for what might be a eating challenge podcast in the future!

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