F.A.T. Podcast Episode 89 – Ralph DiTucci

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, Ralph DiTucci from Good Deed Hospitality came over to the studio to tell us about all of the projects he is working on here in Rochester and how he ended up coming back to town after many years out in Los Angeles.

This is the second episode of my goal to release a new episode every week of 2018. Already a bit shaky since this one came out on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday but we’ll be back there next week!

This episode is brought to you by Phrankly. Phrankly is working to make sourcing and distribution for restaurants, farms and specialty goods more transparent and change the way people find their food.

Along side his work on Good Deed Hospitality, Ralph has started a crystal clear ice making business called Cristallino Premium Ice which is located in a back of his bar supply store. His ice is not only pure, but each cube or spear is cut from a large block to give the best clarity for your premium cocktails. Bar Mecca should be open soon for your bar hardware and taxidermy needs. I’ll be sure to bring you more info when it is closer to being open!

Ralph came home to Rochester with valuable experience and perspective after working for the 213 Hospitality Group in LA. He has brought back enthusiasm for the changing scene here and the desire to make sure hospitality is key in the mind of the people he works with. I’m very glad to have met Ralph and I can’t wait to see the mark he makes on Rochester both with his businesses and with the places he influences. Check him out on Instagram.

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