F.A.T. Podcast Episode 78 – Evan Dawson Part 1

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast, I am bringing you the first part of my interview with Evan Dawson from WXXI. You most likely know him from the show Connections that he hosts every day from 12-2pm which covers topics ranging from local to global with voices from our community and beyond. This first episode covers Finger Lakes wine and Evan's book Summer in a Glass.

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We start off talking about writing the book, input from his father as an editor and stumble into a discussion about David Rakoff. The first few minutes of this episode struck me as a prime reason why taking the time to have extended conversations with people is worthwhile. That kind of fleshing out of a person you kind of know through hours of radio or dozens of meals is what makes this whole effort worth doing.

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We spent most of the hour talking through topics surrounding the Finger Lakes wine scene tagging chapters from his book along the way. We touched on aged wines, changes since the book was released, some characters from the region and how Evan got into wine in general.

I can't recommend enough that you pick the book up wherever finer wine books are sold. I know some of the wineries carry it in our area and you can always buy it on Amazon.

Check Evan out on Twitter to see what is coming up on Connections and listen to his show daily on WXXI from 12-2pm or catch it on the podcast feed through your favorite app.

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