F.A.T. Episode 5 – Voula’s Greek Sweets

Voula at register

Episode 5 of the Food About Town podcast features my chat with Voula Stratton from Voula’s Greek Sweets on Monroe Ave. This is my favorite podcast so far and I really enjoyed spending some time talking at the restaurant about her history with food, the balance between work and personal life, and about what makes Voula’s Greek despite the lack of meat. We hit a lot of other topics as well and had a real conversation that you get a chance to listen to. Voula is a great contributor to the food scene and offers one of the best breakfasts in Rochester on Saturday mornings and a huge selection of Greek desserts including a dynamite rice pudding. You should definitely go check it out and support not only a fine restaurant but a cool person as well!

Thanks for tuning in this week!


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