F.A.T. Episode 33 – James Lake


On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I sat down in the studio with James Lake from Joe Bean Coffee to do some beer tasting and have a good excuse to hang out away from the coffee shop. Joe Bean is basically my home away from home and I’ve had countless hours of conversation with Jim so this was a natural transition.

Jim and I taste tested three different beers including two barrel aged Jack’s Abbey Framinghammer beers I brought back from Vermont a few months back. By the end we were feeling good and our conversation tended to move between different topics instead of sticking exclusively to food. A touch rambling at times but I hope it is still endearing!

Jim and I have had our fair share of talks at Joe Bean in the past but it was good to spend some dedicated time chatting and diving into some fantastic beers. We dove into how Jim became a barista and eventually the beer and wine guy at Joe Bean and touched on some of his favorite spots around Rochester.

Make sure to stop by Joe Bean Coffee on University Ave to see Jim in action, get some great coffee, beer and conversation. Well worth your time and I hope you get as much out of Joe Bean as I have.

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