F.A.T. Episode 28 – Ben MacDonald

FAT 28 - Ben MacDonald

On this episode of the Food About Town podcast I sat down in the studio with Ben MacDonald, the man behind Brew Mechanics. Ben and I made a trip to the Food Truck Rodeo prior to our podcast recording so we talked about that before we dove into beer. On that front, we discussed the local beer scene, what Ben is trying to do with his business and tasted a fantastic beer I brought back from Vermont.

Ben also hosts Beer Otaku, his own podcast where he interviews people in the beer industry. For now, the podcast is on SoundCloud and can also be found on the Brew Mechanics website. Make sure to check that out if you’re into the craft beer scene of Rochester like I am!

For reference, the food trucks mentioned in this episode were Marty’s Meats, Brick-N-Motor, the new Seoul Food BBQ and Eat Me Ice Cream.

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